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Sunday 30 March 2014

Blog on Hold

Hi, am putting this blog on Hold for a couple of months so I can have more time for Art and Art Challenges.
Thank you for all your wonderful support and hope you will follow me HERE and see what am up to

Thanking you again, hugs Annette xx


Valerie-Jael said...

Have fun! Valerie

Erika said...

Hi, dear Annette! Thank you for this Information and thank you for this wonderful vibrant picture. Love the Blue and yellow together. See you on your other Blog :)
Hugs and greetings from Erika

Astrid Maclean said...

Thanks for letting us know Netty, and I look forward to seeing your work on your other blog!

Rita said...

Will look forward to following you on your other blog Annette. Hugs Rita xxx

Joan said...

We'll miss you but will pop on your other blog and keep taking a peep

Sandy said...

YES!!! I love your paintings and you are so talented. I will follow you no matter where you are!
Sandy xx

peggy gatto said...

I'll find you!!!!!!!
I always enjoy seeing what you are up to!!!

Terry said...

Will be keeping an eye out for you, but of course! Hugs!

cheryl said...

Oh I will be keeping an eye on you hunny xxxx hugs cheryl xx

Words and Pictures said...

Well, I may have been a little absent, but I'll be doing my best to keep up a bit better again now... Will miss you here, but looking forward to more art adventures.
Alison xx

Anonymous said...

Enjoy your art time! We will be here when you return! Hugs xoxo ~Rhonda

Silvia(Barnie) said...

See you on your other blog ;)

Unknown said...

Oh my stars.. This looks awesome..


Anita Houston The Artful Maven said...

I so understand! I wish you luck!

Kim said...

Gorgeous painting...very dynamic. Best of luck with the art challenges.

Analia Cristina said...

Hi,very beautiful work,love colour!!

cheryl said...

oh hunny this is amazing you are super talented my friend will follow on your other blog hun xxxx

Annette said...

Oh I know what you mean dear lady. Have fun with the art challenges and can't wait to see what you are up to oxoxox

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