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Sunday, 30 May 2010



Excitedly I went to LB Crafts today, first because I was dying to meet Daniele who had never met before but we have corresponded for quite some time, and she is a terrific person in real life as well. Kept looking in her basket to see what she had bought, as I knew her purchases would be fab, but couldn't quite see it all as it was piled up.......... thats me being nosey, love looking at other peoples purchases.

LB Crafts really came up trumps, brilliant reductions all crying out to me to buy them, but believe me those wooden stamps are heavy for a poor little old lady like me............aaaah... but I found some non sale stamps which had to buy, plus many other things..........yep.... spent a lot, now have to start saving again as I want one of those bookbinder machines, can't remember the make, but know I desperately need one of these......... AND LB Crafts gave out goody bags after we had paid...............well WOW what a goody bag, mine was just fab, everything in it I hadn't got and always wanted....of course. So that was a brilliant morning, meeting Daniele, watching a demonstration and buying such wonderful stamps and things.

Then, oh yes theres more................. Mum, Alicia and Paul (my sister and brotherinlaw from Surrey) Martin and myself all went out to lunch and had a wonderful sister talks and laughs as much as me and thats saying something, although she would deny it............. and Mum looked gorgeous in her new outfit. So a very very happy day.

Such a joyous day I wanted to share it, so thank you for popping by and putting up with my ramblings. Hope you are all having a great holiday weekend. Annette x


kay said...

hi,sounds like a fabulous day,good company and fab goodies,enjoy the evening,x

Daniele said...

Hi Annette, so glad you enjoyed your morning not sure about that photo I always manage to have my eyes half closed, all my new goodies are in my craft room ready to be played with tomorrow, you missed Lins demonstration using a new paint from Crafty Notions gives a nice chalk effect when used over distress inks, I've made a tag myself this afternoon so will post it on my blog with instructions tomorrow...easy to do but is very effective, we really should book a class at the same time so we can have a longer chat but would probably not get much work done.
Have a great Bank holiday

Daniele said...

P.S forgot to say yes the goodie bags were great full of lots of great products and papers.

Doreen said...

Glad you had a fab day out, enjoy playing with your

Hilary said...

Sounds as if you had a fab day Nettie. Good for you!!!
Hope you enjoy all your new stash.
lots of love and hugs, Hils xxxxxx

Annika said...

Craft shopping is THE best kind of shopping - and yes, all sorts of things just keep falling into my basket as well... :D Thank you so much for a kind comments on my blog, my work is nothing compared to your creativity and versatility!
Have fun with all your new goodies!

Mandy said...

Hey hun, sounds like you had a wonderful day, where's the piccy of the goodie bag missus I like to be nosey too lol
love n hugs Mandy xx

Hells said...

glad you managed to meet up Nettie. Know you were looking forward to it. Sounds as if you had a fab day.

By the way, I'm fine.

Chat Tuesday

Love Helen xx

Jules said...

Hi Annette

That sounds like one wonderfully fantastic day .. .. and I can tell you enjoyed it.

You made me laugh when you were talking about looking in your friend's basket to see what she had bought .. .. I do that in the supermarket at the check-out.

I look at what other people have chosen .. .. and for some reason it always looks more exciting than mine .. .. even though we have had exactly the same things to choose from!! LOL!!!

I bet you can't wait to play with all of those new goodies.

Have fun and I am pleased you had a good day.

Love Jules xx

Meggymay said...

Looking forward to seeing what you do with your goodies, sounds a FAB day